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Why Italian Original Clothes matters?

I was born in Italy, my parents and my relatives were of Venetian origins. Venice in ancient times was considered the crossroads of maritime transport with the East. The privileged political relations with the East also allowed the local population to earn monopoly areas such as the trade of so-called purpura of Tyre, of leather or of Asian fabrics.

I am therefore a descendant of those ancient traders in fabrics which then have expanded their activities’ in the world of fashion and style.
For various reasons, I followed a different path that led my interests working towards the world of electronics.
But in recent years, large global economic changes, what was for us Italians a normal range, due transforming into a necessity.
Invasion of products at very low cost from Asian countries has created great difficulties for small and medium Italian craft enterprises.
The street and on-line shops offer clothes, bags, shoes, usually cheap, strictly under the brand name from a huge big nation that you know the name well!
When buying a pair of shoes, apparently they seem well made, but after a few months of use they start losing a surface layer and color. The first rain then, open and lose the glue like those worn by the “clowns”. In practice, they end early in the bin of mixed waste collection, since they are not even more ‘recyclable, even for donations. the same thing happens when I get to buy a suitcase or a bag: how many times that easily peel off the handles? then the ZIP are the first that break and also the bag shoesends up in the trash. Then I changed my strategy and I went to buy the products “designer” of very well known brands (also Italians!) I definitely paid dearly. Incredibly, I got the same poor result, why? It ‘s simple: to reduce production costs and overcome the Asian competition, some well known brands build their products abroad! but that thing not everyone are aware!

Okay, not all adopt this strategy fortunately! In Italy however, resist small artisans, artists who produce with their own hands beautiful fashion creations. They do not have “noble” names and advertised by large retail chains. From father to son, they have handed the noble art of fabrication of clothes, bags, shoes and accessories of high quality ‘. A careful and thorough research of materials, manufactured still as in the past: built to long lasting! Therefore, I started to look for “these good craftsmen” in Italian villages. Look, look around, I finally found some great products! and I’m happy to present them to you and to share the goodness’ manufacturing. Of course, prices are not “OUTLET” but not so exaggerated: we say a good compromise between price-quality ‘.

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